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the fsae competition

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) offers several collegiate level competitions for engineering students from around the world to apply their engineering knowledge in fair competition.  Formula Electric is one of these competitions, and our particular focus.  However, you can find the rest of the competitions in the link below; 

Formula SAE (FSAE) or Formula SAE Electric (FSAEE) has a long history, as it started in the 1980s.  However, these initial vehicles were combustion powered.  Recently, demand by manufacturers and consumers for electric vehicles has dramatically risen.  To reflect this, and encourage students to prepare themselves for the change in paradigm, SAE introduced the Formula Electric competition. With the rules based on the competition followed by combustion vehicles.  

The link to the rules for our competition can be found below;

The competition is composed of both static and dynamics events which are intended to test the methodology, and final vehicle produced by the teams.  A breakdown of the events and their points values can be seen below;

Another introduction to our competition and its prevalence around the world can be seen in the video below.  It gives some fast paced footage of what the series Formula SAE Michigan is like.

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