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The Electric FSAE team is composed of many students from the faculty of engineering, business, and science. The purpose of this team is to build a formula-style race car and go racing at the annual Formula Electric competition held by SAE International. Everything is done by the team from the ground up including the designing, fund-raising, manufacturing, and testing amongst other things. This team was made so students from the university can use what they have learned in the classroom in a practical environment. This provides students with real world experience before they graduate so they can enter the workforce well prepared.



1 Designed a fully functioning electric vehicle from scratch so that the next cohort students can improve upon, fabricate, and use it to race against other teams. 

2 We've designed a suspension system inspired by formula one cars in particular they could be adjusted to the track based on the conditions of the day.

3 We also built a solver in the math lab to calculate the forces exerted onto the tire.

4 We tested the strength of our chassis with simulation and using a pre-existing chassis. 

5 We designed an adjustable pedal box and enclosures, mounts, and brackets to secure the battery and motor.

6 We designed a nose cone to reduce drag.



Completing our goal requires a lot of funding and we are turning towards you the community for support. We hope to have local and international sponsors, you are important to us and our team's success. Thank you for your support, with your help we can make a better future together.

Latest Car Rendering
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