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Our Team

Founded in 2019, this brand new team consisting of over 30 University of Windsor students from the faculty of engineering, business, and science is excited to get our car onto the race track. All the work to get our car racing is done by students. This includes design, manufacturing, testing, marketing, fundraising, and most important of all, the driving. Our goal is to provide an environment for future engineers to enhance their skills outside of the classroom within a competitive scene.

The Competition

The Formula SAE competition has been around for a while and is well established with hundreds of universities and colleges from across the world attending different events each year. This competition  challenges students to build formula style cars and race them against other universities. Recently in 2013, Formula SAE Electric was created to allow a class for fully electric powered cars under the same framework built for combustion cars. Electric cars are the way of the future and this competition let’s students start working with electric cars early on.

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